We believe the future of independent music is in the blockchain. Artists connecting directly to fans and being able to set fair rules and practices for how their work is acessed. It’s a future in which the artist/audience relationship isn’t over-exploited by intermidiaries that devalue the whole ecossystem and that would benefit both sides whilst granting the art itself immutable digital warranties of origin and permanence.

For now, NFTs are the closest expression of that future, so we’re minting a very special one alongside our new single. We call it the “first perfomance” NFT.

We recorded ourselves doing a live, one-take, one-mic, mono recording of our song minutes before it was released, and that recording will live forever in the blockchain as its first ever intentional live performance.  It was recorded in a balcony in Oporto at dusk and pressed on Catalog as a 1/1 NFT.  You can check the video of our performance on our social media channels.

Owning this NFT is a bit like buying a painting: although is it yours to keep and show off, it does not grant the owner any master or publishing rights. If you want to get started with NFTs, we’ve provided a little guide to help you out.



 Ethereum is the cryptocurrency we’ll be using. You should definitely read up on eth and cryptocurrencies to know more about them, but for now all you need to know is the way you engage with NFTs envolves a concept you’ve been familiar with your whole life: a WALLET.

 Like a traditional wallet, your crypto WALLET stores money, your ID and other assorted stuff.

 The WALLET is your ID as well as your bank account in ethereum, you’ll be using it to log into sites, to make transactions and also to acess the things you buy. We’ll be using Metamask, but you can choose whichever one you want.



You’ll need to buy some ethereum, which you can do from inside Metamask. Ethereum, in this context, is money. It’s used for transactions. Keep in mind that, because of the way the ethereum network currently works, transactions aren’t instantaneous and they carry a transaction fee called the “gas fee” - make sure to account for that. Don’t be surprised by transaction delays/failures: It’s a bit like the early days of the internet - slow, clunky and a bit charming.

All of this should be resolved in the near future as the technology matures, so by getting into it now you can think of yourself as a pioneer!



Using your new crypto Wallet, which now has some shiny new Eth on it, head over to catalog and log in using wallet connect. Choose “metamask” as your wallet  and your wallet should ask you to verify the connection.

Once it’s verified, set up an account within Catalog and that’s it! You’re set to start bidding on some NFTs!



Go crate-digging through all the available 1/1 songs on catalog unti or just click here for the Rumba Nera - First Performance NFT. That's it! Happy bidding 🙂